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Fit Out – Interior Finishes

We have a proven track record working on all types of Fit-Out Projects throughout the Kuwait. Our wide range of in-house trades are a fundamental part of how we deliver a successful project. We have a hands on management approach to every project we work on so that we can closely monitor workmanship, assess resource and proactively contribute to the decision making process.
We believe this day to day involvement is crucial and provides the platform from which we are able deliver outstanding projects on time, at the right value and on a consistent basis.
our Fit Out Teams complete our unique operating model, giving us the edge over traditional construction companies through our ability to manage time, cost and quality from design to manufacture right through to delivery and fit out.

Interior Design &

Improves the interior of a structure to create a more visual and functional atmosphere for people who use space. We guarantee you the best design at the most affordable price.

Project Undertaken
as a Turnkey

A Turnkey Interior Contracting vertical is a business arrangement where the project Management is undertaken from the nascent stage and delivered upon completion.

Electrical &
Mechanical Services

We can efficiently handle HVAC projects with complex requirements. We arrange drafting for all electrical systems (lighting, safety, power, emergency power) within a building.

Security Camera &
Alarm System

Install your home or office security system: alarms, CCTV cameras, smart systems. We can tell you where to start,

Structural Works

Structural design works in relation to the structural elements of the building. We ensure the design, stability, strength and rigidity of the structures. We provide the best service to our customers.

General Maintenance

Continuous post-construction service, on-call and emergency response, evaluating minor and major problems, permanent and immediate problem solving,

Project Management

Overall planning, coordination, and control of the project. Meeting clients requirements to provide functionally & financially viable project. Cash flow study, including project duration control. Value engineering to control project total cost and budget. claims preparation and evaluation.


We don’t have a traditional mission statement like normal companies. This is one of the reasons we are different. Rather we base our mission statement on the requirements of customers.


Our success comes from providing world class and innovative interior design solutions for all clients. Our passionate experts constantly look at innovative ways to create interior design solutions.


We are a multi-discipline design and building company headquartered in KUWAIT. We provide high quality interior design solutions to leading and cutting edge companies and institutions in the region.

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